The Homeward Bound Board is excited to announce that Homeward Bound has begun the search for a new CEO to manage the next phase of expansion and growth of this incredible leadership initiative, founded by our much beloved visionary leader Fabian Dattner along with Dr Justine Shaw and Assoc Prof Mary-Anne Lea.

Fabian will step down as voluntary CEO of Homeward Bound in the coming months. She will continue to be involved with the initiative as Visionary Founder, leading the program’s Busara Circle, working with its coaching community and faculty, and as a member of the Board.

Last year Homeward Bound transitioned from a social enterprise to a registered not-for-profit with a Board of Directors. Recruiting a full-time CEO is the next step in formalising this transition.

Recruitment for the CEO will be led by Fisher Leadership, with applications opening this week.

Around our world, 2020 was a challenging year. The consequences of and continued impact of the pandemic will be felt for many years to come. In this context, support for Homeward Bound remained incredibly strong.

As a result, despite delays to the HB5 Antarctic voyage, we are pleased to announce that there are exciting plans being developed for future programs that ensure the continued growth and visibility of this crucially important collaborative network of women.

I understand there will be many questions about these changes both for the Board and for Fabian, and I encourage you to forward any questions via our contact form.

I am delighted to share a video recorded by Fabian, which outlines her plans and continued commitment to the women and programs of Homeward Bound.

Jodi Schmidt
Chair, Homeward Bound Board