Written by Annemieke Hartman Jemmett


Leading in emergence and the value of collaboration.
There are big challenges all around us.  It is quite overwhelming to hear the diverse news stories each day.  From flood, drought, coastal erosion, extinction of species and habitat, impact of carbon, the war in Europe and conflict in other areas of the world, global displacement of people, shortages of food and materials, the impact and opportunity of Artificial Intelligence and more.

Now is an opportune time to consider how we best lead in emergence.  In today’s Homeward Bound session, we worked through the detail of how we can make a difference as a community of STEMM women.


Discomfort with Ambiguity
With rapid change, it is important to realise and accept that change is constant.  The more we are able to be fluid in the creation of solutions, the more we can align and adjust to make solutions ‘fit for purpose’.  We must be open minded and diverse in solution design: diversity of thought will further prepare us for the future ahead.


Collaboration; not scientific process
Women in STEMM are at the core of Homeward Bound.  The Homeward Bound community – which focuses on collaboration – is well positioned to make a difference through effective leadership.  Respect and objectives ensure the focus on delivery of the sustainability of the planet; by creating a community of 10,000 women in STEMM by 2036.  To deliver the right outcomes we must ensure that we have the right representation, diversity in the voice of participation in the room; no-one should be talking on behalf of others.

A selection of collaboration actions to consider are: establish the rules of engagement from the outset, agree in advance how disagreement is resolved, invite “rule breakers” to bring a fresh perspective, consider appointing an independent facilitator, create equality and a shared language and be creative.


Engaging Questions
Only by challenging ourselves will we find the response to these complex questions.  A critical voice is key to develop comprehensive solutions within agreed timelines.


Cynefin Framework
We learned throughout the day that the Cynefin Framework is an excellent way to ensure that we have the correct approach to the fast and everchanging landscape.

The best way we work together is by being kind, taking responsibility for your own wellbeing, creating and respecting space, communicating clearly, approaching differences with compassion and grace, taking action with impact, celebrating and having fun and by honouring the landscape around us.


Photo: Stronger Together. Credit: Heidi Victoria