Series 2 of the This Is Our Time podcast, recording during the 2018 voyage of Homeward Bound 2, was launched last week with an online celebration.

Watch the launch event:


Canadian podcaster Samantha Hodder created series 1 during the inaugural Homeward Bound voyage, collating hours of audio diaries generated onboard, and interviewing participants after the voyager to capture a sense of what life was like onboard an all-women expedition to Antarctica.

As podcaster-in-residence for HB2, she recorded hours of audio of conversations, presentations, and excursions to the mainland, and found within that the story of Rothera-Gate.

The HB2 trip plan was to get all the way to the Rothera Research Station, part of the British Antarctic Survey. This base is so remote, it’s almost an illusion, with members of the crew having seldom made it there. The podcast captures the drama of almost getting stuck in the ice and an unfolding situation that required them to go out into open waters to reach the base, a decision that was put to a vote.

This Is Our Time is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify:

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