On day 6 of the voyage, participant Molly Christensen gives us a day in the life of a Homeward Bounder

Overnight we gently made our way through Antarctic Sound to wake up to spectacular scenery, mass amounts of sea ice and icebergs emerging from the Weddell Sea.

Many of us made our morning walk (laps around the deck) with giant icebergs at our side with a temperature of -2 degrees and a wind chill factor of -5 degrees, with light snow falling.

Our morning landing was at Paulet Island. This Island is home to a large rockery of breeding Adele Penguins. Approximately 100,000 breeding pairs each laying two eggs. The Island is also home to remnants of the famous Swedish Nordenskjold expedition of 1901-1904, where 20 men were stranded for a year. Heavy snow fell upon us as we decided our frozen extremities needed the warmth of the ship and some hot lunch in our stomachs.

In the afternoon, we continued our leadership development work, with insightful LSI training (personal development diagnostic) as a team and very in-depth conversations into MSCEIT (emotional intelligence diagnostic).

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(Featured image by Andrea Fidgett)

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