We extend our congratulations to Alice Ruhweza an alumna of Homeward Bound [#Team HB2], for being recognised as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Africa at the prestigious 5th Africa Women Summit in Nairobi. 

The Africa Women Summit, renowned for bringing together influential leaders, advocates, experts, and stakeholders, focuses on addressing critical issues surrounding women’s health. This year’s theme, “Women’s Health: Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change,” provided a platform for open dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative action to improve women’s health outcomes across the continent.

Amidst this backdrop of innovation and advocacy, Alice’s recognition stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and impactful contributions. 

Ximena Aguilar Vega

Photo: Alice Ruhweza #TeamHB2.

In her own words, Alice reflected on this significant honour: 

“As the Africa Women Summit wraps up in Nairobi, I am honoured to be recognised as one of the #50MostInfluentialWomenInAfrica. I celebrate my fellow honourees and thank the organisers for this wonderful recognition. I am grateful to my family, my friends, and all my bosses and colleagues past and present who have made me a better leader and a better person.” 

Alice’s acknowledgment of her support network highlights the importance of community and collaboration in achieving success. Her gratitude and humility align with Homeward Bound’s core values, emphasising that empowering women in STEMM involves fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.