We’re thrilled to share the resounding success of the recent launch event with our community in Melbourne, on September 19, 2023.

It was a remarkable gathering that unveiled extraordinary perspectives on global action and women leaders with a STEMM background. Attendees at the Science Gallery Theatre, and those that joined us via the live stream, where provided with a renewed sense of purpose and an understanding of the critical role that women’s leadership plays in shaping our future.

The atmosphere was a testament to the power of women driving change in leadership roles in all industries, not only in traditionally male-dominated fields. The event underscored the importance of unity, collaboration, and resilience in the face of formidable challenges.

Event Highlights:

Left to right: Fabian Dattner, Dr Justine Shaw, Dr Tamantha Stutchbury, Roshni Sharmi and Hannah Campbell. Credit: Supplied

Panel Discussion: The event included the captivating panel discussion featuring four trailblazing women, Dr Justine Shaw, Dr Tamantha Stutchbury, Roshni Sharmi and Hannah Campbell. These exceptional leaders come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from science to engineers and are all in leadership roles. Their insights into sustainability challenges, leadership, and collaboration left the audience deeply inspired. They shared their motivations, the challenges they anticipate, and their aspirations as they prepare for the historic Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica in November this year.

Fabian Dattner, the co-founder, and leadership expert of Homeward Bound led a riveting discussion. Her engaging conversation with the panellists allowed attendees to gain a deeper understanding of how these extraordinary women plan to lead with impact and influence, thereby driving positive change for our planet.

Key representatives from Homeward Bound Projects, CEO Pamela Sutton-Legaud was our MC, and Acciona’s CEO Bede Noonan and Manager, SE&G Lexie Walter, Homeward Bound key sponsor, where also present, offering valuable perspectives.


Left to right:  Bede Noonan, Pamela Sutton-Legaud and Lexie Walter. Credit: Supplied

The launch event featuring the women bound for Antarctica was a celebration of women leadership, climate action, and determination. It demonstrated that when driven individuals come together with a shared purpose, they can achieve remarkable feats and inspire countless others in the process.

A link to the recorded event is available here: Homeward Bound Voyage Launch Media Event – Live Stream Recording – September 19 2023 – YouTube

We hope that the impact of this gathering continues to resonate and ignite positive outcomes. Together, let’s support these incredible women.