Aaniyah Martin-Omardien

STEMM Facilitator HB7, HB8

Aaniyah focuses on work that connects people and nature. She has 15 years of experience in the conservation sector with a strong emphasis on finding the balance for what is good for the Earth and good for the people.

Her career in conservation began by working for WWF South Africa for 10 years with a focus on marine conservation. Aaniyah is currently the founder and director of The Beach Co-op a non-profit organisation, registered in 2017, that aims to build communities that care for our marine environment. Aaniyah is a founding fellow for the Women for the Environment in Africa leadership programme, in which she participated in 2021. She is a director for Twyg  a sustainable lifestyle non profit organisation, and has been a judge for the sustainable fashion awards hosted by Twyg for the past three years.

She has recently joined the Homeward Bound team to co-facilitate the science stream that brings together 109 STEMM women in 2022 from around the world for a yearlong online course focusing on the sustainability of our planet. She is a registered PhD student at the Environmental Learning Research Centre, Rhodes University. Her research focuses on co-creating a pedagogy of care for our marine environment.