Host Facilitator HB5 & Reflective Practice Coordinator HB2 – HB5

Kate MacMaster holds a Master of Science (Capacity Building for Sustainable Development) and Bachelor of Science (Environmental). Kate is Principal Consultant at Bendelta. She brings to her consulting practice over twenty years of leadership development experience, facilitation of large, complex global programming, and a passion for working with people on complex issues. She is a certified coach with the International Executive Coaching Institute (IECL) and has clients spanning several continents, across varying industries – enabling leaders to hit the pause button, reassess, make decisions, commit to new action and move forward with clarity to navigate the uncertainty and ambiguity.

Kate tailors her coaching approach to suit the needs of her clients, whether it be working with leaders in transition (a new role, geography, or organisational culture, (or all three)); career coaching; C-Suite and Executive Coaching; and coaching teams and individuals to embed and apply leadership program learnings into the workplace. As Lead Facilitator of Homeward Bound in 2020/2021, Kate has provided countless hours of 1:1 coaching for scientists from over 30 nations, many of them frontline professionals and health workers dealing with the uncertainty and complexity that COVID19 brings.

Cross-cultural coaching and coaching for women is passion for Kate. She is Deputy Chair of WaterAid Australia, Chair of the Programs and Advocacy Committee and President of the PNG Governance Committee. She is accredited in the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, TriMetrix of Self (DiSC, Motivators and EQ), and the 4MAT Learning Type Measure and 360 feedback assessments. She is a certified coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. She is a highly experienced facilitator and has facilitation certifications including Immersion Facilitator from Outback Initiatives, Group Work Australia, and organisational team building from Penn State in the USA.

She is an HB1 alumna, and has been the Reflective Practice Coordinator for HB2,HB3, HB4, HB5 and Lead Facilitator for HB5.