This year has witnessed an extraordinary feat as 200 women, including 20 faculty members, embarked on two expeditions to Antarctica to bear witness to the critical changes occurring in this vital part of our world. It’s been a long hard journey.

Fabian Dattner, CEO, Dattner Group, and founder of Homeward Bound Projects emphasises the significance of Antarctica, calling it the “centre of our lives.”

The expeditions were not just about exploration; they were a testament to the dedication and hard work of the women of Homeward Bound, in fostering collaboration.

“The women work very hard in terms of exploring how they could collaborate. What are the planetary issues that we talk about, from climate to water to environment to education?” Fabian said.

This collaborative spirit was essential in shaping decisions that can bring about meaningful change.

Such ambitious endeavours are made possible through the unwavering support of sponsors and contributors. The journey was fuelled by the generosity of individuals and organisations who believed in the importance of this mission.

Fabian said “To all of the people who supported the women on the journey, and to ACCIONA, our largest sponsor, thank you. It has made a huge difference in their journey.”

Protecting Antarctica: The Heart of Our Planet.

The expedition aimed not only to explore the region but also to underscore the urgent need to protect it. From climate change to environmental degradation, Antarctica is at the forefront of planetary concerns, and it is our collective responsibility to safeguard it for future generations.

Fabian shares her awe and inspiration from the breathtaking journey. “I’m just so inspired. It was a really beautiful trip.”

The beauty of Antarctica, coupled with the dedication of these women, created a profound experience. The trip was not just a physical exploration; it was a journey of the soul, sparking inspiration and a renewed commitment to environmental advocacy.

The Antarctica voyages were led by expedition leaders, Fabian Dattner, the founder and Jodi Schmidt, the board chair. This stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, dedication, and environmental advocacy. As we reflect on this remarkable journey, let us join hands in protecting Antarctica and addressing the planetary challenges that demand our attention.

As the expeditions have now concluded, Fabian reminds us “It is only the end of the beginning. Go forth into the world knowing this.”

Watch Fabian’s video message below.