This week, on November 3rd, one of Homeward Bound’s two voyages to Antarctica departs from Ushuaia, Argentina, as part of Homeward Bounds largest all-women expedition. Prior to the upcoming voyages Christiana Figueres graced the Homeward Bound community with her presence during a highly anticipated and triumphant webinar on October 25, 2023, AEDT. Despite geographical distances, she connected with our global audience, broadcasting live from Costa Rica, to share her invaluable insights on climate change.

Christiana Figueres is one of the foremost voices on our planet addressing the climate crisis and its profound impact. Her unwavering commitment to fostering an optimistic mindset among world leaders, as well as her dedication to ushering in a new era of collaborative diplomacy, has earned her global recognition.

The webinar was hosted by Homeward Bound’s co-founder and dreamer, Fabian Dattner.

Photo: (From Top-Right) Pamela Sutton-Legaud, Fabian Dattner, Christiana Figueres.


Photo: Christiana Figueres Credit: Supplied


Christiana’s attendance underscores the alignment of her values with the vision and mission of Homeward Bound Projects and supports our partnership with ACCIONA, of which Christiana is a board member.

During the webinar, Ms. Figueres emphasized the importance of elevating more women to leadership positions.

“We [women] do bring so many traits that are very, very scarce,” Christiana said. “The traits of long-term thinking and acting, rather than short-term. The traits of leading with love and joy, and inclusivity rather than hierarchy.”

You can listen to more of the inspirational conversation with Ms Figueres here.