Hailing from South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, these visionary individuals are part of the African cohort preparing for Homeward Bound’s historic 19-day expedition to Antarctica this November. In a recent webinar hosted by Homeward Bound’s CEO, Pamela Sutton-Legaud, these inspiring women shared their diverse backgrounds, motivations, and aspirations, offering valuable insights into their remarkable stories and the profound significance of their upcoming expedition.

Photo: Pamela Sutton-Legaud, Philista Malaki, Nirvani Dhevcharran, Gina Ziervogel and Moreangels Muchaneta Mbizah.


From South Africa:

  • Gina Ziervogel is the Director of the African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI), and an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town in the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science.
  • Nirvani Dhevcharran is the Chief Technology Officer at the Foschini Group, and a board member of the Oprah Winfrey Academy for Girls.

From Kenya:

  • Philista Malaki is a Research Scientist at the National Museums of Kenya, whose main interests are biodiversity conservation management and avian research.

From Zimbabwe:

  • Moreangels Muchaneta Mbizah is the Founder and Executive Director of Wildlife Conservation Action. She obtained her PhD in Zoology from the University of Oxford and strongly focuses on the intersections between conservation and community development.


History and research show that women and young girls in developing countries are the most negatively affected by climate change-related instances. “The world needs to create a space for their ideas to be heard” says Pamela Sutton-Legaud.

A link to the recorded event is available here: [Homeward Bound media launch (]

The adventure these women are about to embark on will give them an unparalleled view of one of the most remote locations on the planet. Antarctica not only provides early warnings of climate change – it also represents the fragility of our natural world, and why we need to protect it. We are excited to see how each person takes on this life-changing journey and translates their learnings into actions.

The first voyage (The Ushuaia) embarks on 3 November, from Ushuaia, Argentina, and the second (The Island Sky) embarks on 12 November from Puerto Madryn, also in Argentina.