We are overjoyed to welcome back the intrepid women of Homeward Bound who recently voyaged on the Ushuaia ship to Antarctica, marking the end of an incredible 19-day journey at sea. The Ushuaia has safely returned to its origin in Ushuaia, Argentina, carrying with it 88 voyagers who have not only expanded their leadership skills and networks, but also gained an unparalleled view of one of the most remote locations on the planet.

For the past few weeks, our voyagers have sailed through the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean, navigating the unpredictable seas of Antarctica. We are excited to hear about their experiences, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the profound insights gained. Each journey with Homeward Bound is a step toward fostering leadership and connection, and we are proud to witness the personal and professional growth of our participants.

Hear more on the outcome of the incredible journey from Jodi Schmidt, The Ushuaia expedition leader and Homeward Bound chair.



Photo: The Ushuaia returns from Antarctica. Credit: Tsunami Production


Photo: Homeward Bound Women in Ushuaia, Argentina. Credit: Tsunami Production


Photo: Celebrating the return of the Ushuaia from Antarctica. Credit: Tsunami Production


Island Sky Expedition: A Continuing Adventure

As one voyage concludes, another continues with over 100 aboard the Island Sky. Departing from Puerto Madryn, Argentina, on November 12, these voyagers are currently immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica. We eagerly await their return on December 1, anticipating a wealth of stories and experiences that will undoubtedly inspire us all.