Authored  by Gina Ziervogel


The light and colour of icebergs is awe-inspiring. As with many things, much lies beneath the surface. This #homewardbound2023 Antarctic voyage is helping us uncover what lies beneath good leadership and be in awe of this special planet.

Photo: Iceberg in Antarctica. Credit: Gina Ziervogel


Polar plunge, where we swim in the Antarctic Sea, was a big hurdle for me. But with the support of others, most of us ran in and got that icy water on our bodies. There were many cold toes while getting dressed but few regrets. A reminder to face our fears, as often we come out stronger.

Photo: Polar Plunge. Credit: Gina Ziervogel


A stark reminder of history, as we entered Deception Bay, and saw the remains of a whaling station where 1000s of whales were culled in the past. As leaders, we need to reflect on what we want to change before it’s too late and the regrets too many.

Photo: Deception Bay. Credit: Gina Ziervogel