Authored by Katie Thomas


As our voyage comes to an end, I realise we are only just skimming the surface.

More than 100 women and non-binary people with varied within the world of STEMM came together over 2 weeks ago. Each with our own unique story that led us to this place, that called to us, to come forward to continue our leadership journey in a new and challenging environment.

We have spent our time immersing ourselves in leadership, sustainability, story telling, compassion and much, much more. Learning from faculty, each other, and Antarctica. Many of us wondered how a 3-week voyage with 100+ others, cooped up in a ship, would go. What we found was one of the most loving communities I have ever experienced, and the most powerful. The sheer talent and varied expertise is mind boggling, words can not explain.

We have disconnected from ‘normal’ life, allowing ourselves to take some space to focus on the work that needs to be done, allowing for deep thought and reflections. Through emergent leadership, powerful international collaborations have formed, forming the beginnings of our continued journey beyond the voyage.

Antarctica has awakened something new; it has transformed; and we are only just skimming the surface.

Photo Credit: Supplied