Authored by Jennifer Copeland


Our expedition leader cuts the engine of our rubber Zodiac boat, and the cold, clear silence of Antarctica surrounds us. She tells us to listen closely to the ice. We can hear it creaking, crackling, and occasionally even crashing into the deep blue water below. We continue to sit quietly together and can hear the waves lapping at the ice. The penguins squawking. The wind blowing across the water. There is so much to hear, and to learn, when you take the time to listen.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Copeland


As the 100+ women and non-binary leaders on board the Island Sky ship have been working together these past two weeks, we have been sharing our ideas, but also listening and learning from each other. Inviting diverse voices to the table, and really listening to everyone’s perspective, will lead to stronger collaborations and better decisions. If we want better outcomes for our planet, we need leaders who are willing to listen, who value collaboration, and who know that we are always #strongertogether.