Authored by Raegan Pollard


I had the absolute pleasure of gathering with this incredible group of women to discuss the Energy Transition over dinner as we sailed around the Antarctic Peninsula in the second half of our Homeward Bound journey. Our conversation touched on how to achieve a just transition, the use of data for modeling energy transition scenarios, carbon capture, nuclear waste storage, renewables in developing countries, and offshore wind. The diverse experiences and breadth of knowledge made for such an enriching conversation and makes me very excited for future collaboration with these women on this topic:

🌟 Deborah – Assistant Prof. at Tufts University, Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy, blending technology innovation with policy for sustainability and energy justice.

🌏 Claudia – Sustainability professional with 20+ years, an intrapreneur advocating climate positivity in industries, integrating decarbonization into business processes, and creating a circular economy.

🌋 Anung – Earth scientist researching cracks in the Earth’s outer shell, Assistant Professor at the University of Lausanne, passionate science communicator, and advocate for the well-being of early career researchers.

☀️ Alessandra – Renewable energy engineer, Associate Industry Specialist at IFC World Bank Group, contributing author to 12+ energy studies, with expertise in solar, wind, hydropower, and more.

🍃 Stephanie – Mechanical engineer dedicated to sustainable solutions in offshore renewable energy. Conducts experimental research on marine energy converters, encouraging young females in STEMM and active in conferences.

🌊 Jas – Chair and Co-Founder of Ocean Decade Australia, at the intersection of science, technology, governance, and international diplomacy. Committed to SDG14 – Life below Water and brings a systems-thinking approach to challenges.

🏔️ Clare – Earth Scientist focusing on mountain building, director of Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage, involved in Net Zero projects, and passionate about promoting women in STEMM for positive global change.

Inspired by their expertise and commitment to shaping a sustainable future!

Photo Credit: Jas Chambers