It takes a team to make this team! We are supported by the amazing crew of the MV Ushuaia. Captain Sergio Osiroff and his officers are experts in ice navigation (we live to tell the tale!), the service team lead by Fabian go out of their way to make our journey memorable in every way, Doctor Iara ensures we are prepared for the rough seas. From housekeeping, to kitchen, to sailors and the engine room, we could not be in better hands.

Highlights include delicious meals and a surprising variety of soups, unexpected laundry service, ‘Cocktails by Leo’, and inspiring wake up music. The expedition team, fearless leader Kata with Verena, Lucas, Adrián, and Malena who prepare and execute plan A, plan B, plan C (and in many cases plan D and E). We are grateful and truly inspired by their lived leadership and expertise.


Photo: Amazing crew of MV Ushuaia. Credit: Team HBUshuaia