Authored by Erica, Liz and Anna


The women of #HBUshuaia2023 are voyaging together in #Antarctica to learn about leading for a better future.

We’ve learnt from #sisters who contribute to meaningful change by shaping and implementing evidence-based science policies.

Here are a few of their tips.

  1. Be clear on the issue you want to address and keep your message concise.
  2. Get to know the system you work in and identify relevant decision makers.
  3. Consider the position of other stakeholders, including those with a different viewpoint from yours. Listen deeply! Search for solutions.
  4. Provide your recommendations to the relevant people and clearly state the implications and benefits of any recommended actions.
  5. Be consistent, and repeat, repeat, repeat…

As we continue our voyage through the unique landscapes of #Antarctica we know that advice like this is needed to help us protect the Earth and all the species depending on it.

Photo: A panel discussion with seven women sitting in front of an audience discussing policy making. Credit: Mary-Anne Lea

Photo: A view of the policy panel discussion onboard the Ushuaia, showing the panel from the back and the audience of eighty women in front of them. Credit: Mary-Anne Lea

Photo: Three black and white Gentoo penguins and one leucistic Gentoo penguin at Brown Station in Antarctica. Credit: Erica Donner

Photo: Nine of the Homeward Bound Ushuaia 2023 cohort sitting on a zodiac in front of the ship they are travelling on called The Ushuaia. Credit: Anna Colucci