Authored by Alexandra Jones


We’ve been exploring personal strategy in this phase of the journey.

Being strategic requires time to zoom out and dedicate attention to our intentions, choices and actions in life.

As a sole parent with a young child at home, it’s not easy to carve out that reflective time.

This afternoon I watched a king penguin mother gently encourage her chick to wait in a safe place while she went out to sea. Despite the reluctance of the fluffy chick to be separated, it was easy to see as an outsider that without time to go fishing, neither of them would thrive.

It reminded me that this time away from my child is a gift for us both, enabling me to zoom out and refocus on how I want to show up strategically and sustainably for myself, in my relationships, and in my work environment. For this, I’m grateful to Homeward Bound.

Photo: Penguin baby and mama. Credit: Anna Frebel