Halfway through our expedition, this first phase has served as a metaphorical icebreaker for the 88 women with STEMM backgrounds on board.

Caught in an Antarctic ice blizzard – the winds rose to 200 kph and the temperature dropped to -30°C – we used these strong winds to carry our voices across the planet and even to outer space. We collaborated with the NASA Global Observer Project by taking local observations of weather conditions to ground truth satellites and improve forecasting.


two homeward bound women standing on the deck of the boat looking out to the ocean while it snows

Photo: Blizzard seen through window of ship (Margaret Mercado Weage)


Seeking shelter from the Antarctic storm to reflect: ‘Shades of white of the white continent of Antarctica. Landscapes, icebergs, ice floating on the surface are white, grey white, blue white, turquoise white, even black white when it’s transparent.’


Photo: Glacier with floating Antarctic ice (Margaret Mercado Weage Elzanna)


We have barely scratched the surface: the wealth of knowledge shared is just the tip of the iceberg. Now it is time to go in depth and discover what lies underneath to come together and collaborate for global impact. It is time to bring everyone together for our mother earth and sing an ode to Pangea: a time when all continents were connected.

A celebratory message to the people of Assam, that land nourished by the waters of the Himalayas: your gamusa has reached your sister ice continent!


Photo: Gamusa standing on the Antarctic continent (Priyanka Rajkakati)