Deep immersion to our place, community and communication with space.

Today, Homeward Bound participants commenced co-design of our leadership in emergence program. We took a deep dive into the complexity of diversity and inclusion. We asked how these relate to power dynamics, designing our version of the #intersectional wheel. Although confronting, it made us aware of our unconscious bias. Intersectionality is a framework that describes how our overlapping social identities relate to social structures of racism and oppression. Understanding intersectionality is essential to combatting the interwoven prejudices people face in their daily lives. We are committed to leadership for our communities, and immersion in this work led us to reflect on our own identities, their intersections. We need to practice being mindful to become allies for marginalized groups.

We also immersed ourselves in the work of connecting to outer space. Francooke-Willis and Alison Thieme took the lead with a 2 metre Yagi Antenna to connect two remote places @HBUshuaia in Antarctica and the International Space Station (ISS). Communication is an instrumental pillar for collaborative global leadership.

The dynamic and unpredictable nature of Antarctica was unmistakable during our zodiac cruise this morning. An unexpected avalanche came crashing down near us and then humpback whales appeared 15 metres from our zodiacs. The whales are social animals, and they care for their community. Also, their tail patterns are unique, and they produce magical songs which travel great distances through the Antarctic Ocean. These events reminded us that protecting the planet for future generations is essential to our values as Homeward Bound leaders.

two homeward bound women standing on the deck of the boat looking out to the ocean while it snows

Photo: Whale


Photo: Connection to International Space Station


Photo: Avalanche


Photo: Avalanche and iceberg


Photo: Intersectional wheel


All Photo Credits: Nicola Waldron, Judit Jiminiez Sainz