Authored by Abbie Norrish, Bernie-Anne Freeman, Priya Gandhi


In this land of ice, snow, and freezing temperatures, there is an astonishing abundance of wildlife in Antarctica.  Chinstrap penguin colonies on every rocky ridge, Weddell seals hanging out on snowy shores, and cormorants building nests of seagrass.


Photo: View of snow-covered land and ice-filled water, with cormorant and chinstrap colonies collected on a rocky ridge, with a single cormorant flying overhead. Credit: Bernie-Anne Freeman


Photo: View of several gentoo penguins in motion close up, with rocky ridges behind covered in other penguin colonies. Credit: Bernie-Anne Freeman


This abundance is reflected on the ship. Women sharing their insightful leadership knowledge, Women finding shared pathways across STEMM fields, Women exploring systems thinking and theories of change.


Photo: A group of women collaborating and sharing ideas. Credit: Bernie-Anne Freeman


If life can thrive in such a harsh environment, if Women can lead in new ways and spaces, there is hope for what we all can achieve.