Authored by Jac Madsen & Krys Auguste


This morning we had our first experience with zodiacs, our new form of transport! We put our ‘Happy feet’ on land at Grave Cove the Falkland Islands, and were greeted by an incredible woman landowner, and a majestic Caracara bird. 10 minutes later we arrived at Gentoo paradise. We loved the very active and interactive colonies, full of penguins calling, jumping, squealing.


Photo: Zodiacs. Credit: Diana King


We returned to our ship for a session on Strategic Thinking with Kit Jackson, where we were encouraged to ensure we create space for strategy in our lives and put attention to our intention!

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to have a second landing, more penguins and albatross at New Island. This colony has an incredible mix of 5400 rockhopper penguins, 2000 albatross pairs, and so, so many blue eyed and rock shags (cormorants) perched on a cliff, with many of these birds coming and going at any time, swooping just over our heads.


Photo credit: Jac Madsen; Céline Hanzen; Krys Auguste


It was inspiring to see many diverse species cohabiting together – a lesson for us all.