Departing from Puerto Madryn on November 12, 2023, Homeward Bound’s second voyage to Antarctica is currently underway. The Island Sky, carrying over 100 extraordinary women, embarks on a mission to explore the icy wonders of the southernmost continent. While the first ship, The Ushuaia, has already reached Antarctica, the anticipation grows for the unfolding chapters of this remarkable expedition.

Join us as we trace the path of these intrepid women and the volunteer faculty – over 188 women from 25 countries – through the frozen expanse of Antarctica. Let’s celebrate their achievements and rally behind their mission to create a more sustainable world. Safe travels!

Photo: The Island Sky ready for departure. Credit: Supplied


This marks Homeward Bound’s most ambitious expedition to Antarctica. It stands as a beacon of hope and collaboration in the face of global challenges. These remarkable women, representing diverse backgrounds in STEMM fields, are reshaping the narrative on global leadership. They signify a new era marked by inclusivity and a profound commitment to leaving a positive legacy for our planet.


Photo: The Faculty on the Island Sky


Homeward Bound’s journey is supported by ACCIONA, in Australia and around the world. ACCIONA is a global leader in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy solutions. Their partnership with Homeward Bound reflects a shared vision of nurturing female leadership across STEMM disciplines to address global challenges.